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Declutter Your Life (Through the eyes of a woman)

Life is so full these days we seem to have less and less time and we move faster and faster. We also seem to accumulate more and more stuff. Whether it’s that dress that was a present from your mum that doesn’t go with anything but you really should keep because you could never bring yourself to part with it or a multitude of other stuff, we end up with less space and more stuff.

Clutter Breeds Confusion

There is a strong correlation between a cluttered home and a confused mind and statistics show that 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 5 men suffer from an anxiety disorder. Confusion breeds clutter and clutter breeds confusion, so the only answer is to take a deep breath and begin to take back control by decluttering. If you look at the big picture you could easily become overwhelmed and that can not be good so an easy way to approach decluttering is to imagine you’re to eat an elephant. Take one bite at a time plateful by plateful; before you know it the elephant is gone.

A sensible way to approach it is to separate everything into four categorizes.

The 4 Step Approach

Items to throw out which are out of date, broken or basically unsaleable. Contact council for a throw-out, hire a big bin or call Acrobat Removals regarding their rubbish removal service.

Unwanted items that would be of use to other people. Have a garage sale, sell on Gumtree or do the right thing and donate to charity.

Things you may need one day and must keep. Call Acrobat Removals about their Storage Modules which they bring to your place to load; they then take them back to the warehouse to be forked off and stacked.

The remaining items will be what you use and require on a fairly regular basis, what stays in the house.

Where Do I Start?

A good room to start your de-clutter is the laundry. Many items accumulate in this room because it’s a utility room. Be ruthless with old shoes, clothes and things you haven’t gotten around to mending or using . If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months it’s probably not worth keeping; out it goes! Go through the linen cupboard and donate old towels, blankets and sheets to a worthwhile charity such as Lifeline that will help out the less fortunate. Clean out under the sink and throw out empty and part used containers and items past their use by date.

The Kitchen is next. Clear the benches and go through the cupboards. Cull utensils and electrical appliances that you don’t use. Throw out broken and chipped crockery and glassware and old pots and pans. Items of sentimental value such as grandma’s teapot should be proudly displayed or carefully wrapped and stored if not in use. Go through your pantry and toss out all food past their use by dates and do the same with your fridge.

Kids seem to be at home longer than in the past and when they do leave, they always seem to use mum’s place as their free storage facility. This takes up living space and clutters your life. Putting these items into storage will make your home more manageable and more comfortable to live in; it will de-clutter your brain.

Modern Module storage means that everyone can have their own storage, with the module being delivered to them when they want it. This saves double handling and reduces the cost of storage. Remember that due to their corrosive or dangerous nature, chemicals can’t be placed in storage units and modules. If you don’t know what to do with them contact your local council to find out the best way to dispose of them.

Good Advice From Grandma

My grandma had a saying “don’t give me a gift I can’t consume” and “don’t give me anything I need to dust”. She was really good at keeping to this and gave a lot of stuff to nursing homes and mother’s day stalls. Clean out old nick nacks and art work that you don’t like or use. You may even make a few dollars if you can find a buyer on line.

Have a girlfriend help you go through your wardrobe, be ruthless; if it doesn’t fit or you don’t wear it, donate it to charity or sell it on eBay.

It seems to be a fact that the longer you live in a place the more stuff accumulates in the garage. My Car has never fitted in my garage because my husband is a hoarder, it is to the stage where I reckon it is a medical condition! It has gotten so bad that there is no longer anywhere to move. Get you life back!

Call the Acrobat Removals office for a free quote on Module Storage.

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