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How to Choose the Right Removalist

When it comes to choosing a removalist, you’d be forgiven for thinking that cheaper is better. After all, all removalists do essentially the same thing, right?

Wrong! Unfortunately in our line of business, there are many removalists that choose instead to cut corners rather than get the job done properly. And choosing a cheaper option may even end up costing you more money in the long run. If they don’t get it right the first time you will end up having to find another removalist to get the job done properly anyway, essentially doubling the cost. Worst of all, it might mean that your invaluable belongings that have been carelessly handled may end up damaged or missing, a cost that is just too expensive to bear.

Finding the right removalist for your job

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of steps that you should take to ensure that you choose the right removalist for you.

  1. Do your homework. There’s no better testimonial than that of friends and family, so if you know someone that has moved recently then ask them if their removalist did a good job — or if they didn’t! Reviews on Google and social media platforms like Facebook are also great for getting unfiltered reviews of the company, and to see what others’ experience has been like.
  2. Know your choices. Compile a shortlist of 3-4 removalists. Find removalists that offer the services that you will be requiring, are local to your area and look professional. Also ensure that they are AFRA accredited, so that they are accountable if any situation between you and them was to eventuate.
  3. Get a quote. Call up each of your potential choices for a quote. This is not just to determine the best price, but also to get a sense of how professional and reliable they are Did they understand your specific situation and needs, and did they seem trustworthy?
  4. You are now in a position to compare apples with apples. You have quotes, information, testimonials and a sense of who they are at your disposal, allowing you to make the right decision.
  5. Make your choice. You’ve now got all you need to make an informed decision. The hard part is now done, so all you need to do is finalise the booking and then turn your attention from moving out to moving in!

Acrobat Removals will provide you with a quote for your removal needs that are competitive and transparent, and we’ll make the entire process as stress-free as can be. So contact us today!

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