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How to find a mover you can trust

The 8 red flags you can use to identify a bodgey removalist

Our team of experienced removalists have heard too many stories from customers about their previous bodgey moving experiences and struggles to find a mover they can trust.

From ‘internet’ removalist companies who simply don’t exist, to removalist companies who never seem to show up as planned, we have heard it all.

But hey, we are here to help!

That’s why we have identified eight red flags that you should be on the lookout for when searching for your next removalist.


Find a mover you can trust by avoiding these red flags

Here’s our breakdown of the common red flags you should keep an eye out for when it comes to choosing a removalist:

No physical office or depot address

A removalist company having no physical address is a big red flag!

Most removalist companies will have their address listed somewhere. You can check their website, Google or Google Maps, and their social media accounts to see where they are located.

Finding the address can also help you find a removalist company close by.

Toll-free or mobile number

Removalist companies will generally have a landline phone number for their business. This is a good sign of a reliable removalist.

If the company only has a toll-free or mobile number, they may be a reliable removalist, but you should do some more research before committing.

No images of their own staff or vehicles

You should be on the lookout for a company that is proud of their team and their assets.

Removalists will typically have imagery of their team working with their vehicles and other moving equipment.

If you can only find stock images across their platforms, you might be dealing with a bodgey removalist.

Text-only communication, no written email

Email communication is a great way to find a mover who you can rely on.

Emails provide you with a clear conversation trail and an easy-to-use platform for sending documents, which a reliable business will typically prefer over strictly text communication.

You can also check their email address to see if it is a company email, for example or

No company logo, ABN, or address on paperwork

One of the key things you can check when dealing with a removalist company is their Australian Business Number (ABN). Any official business has to have an ABN number, so by not having one, this quickly identifies businesses who are legitimate versus those who aren’t.

ABN Lookup is a free online tool provided by the Australian Government that allows you to look up a business.

You can also review the use of company logos and contact information on their website, social media platforms, and paperwork.

No deposit required

Generally, a deposit will be required for a removalist to book you in. This guarantees both yours and the business’ time.

When you get a quote from your removalist, review it to see that there is a deposit required. You should also ensure that the quote is in writing, as verbal agreements can often be misinterpreted.

Clean skin (no signwriting) on vehicles

A removalist company will take pride in their brand and will use it consistently across their vehicles and other assets.

Be wary of removalists with clean skin vehicles who don’t show off any signwriting or branded material.

Not an AFRA Member

The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is a great indicator of whether a removalist company is reliable.

AFRA is Australia’s peak body for the removals industry, ensuring compliance and training across the board for their removalists.

If you can find a mover on their list of accredited removalists, you know you can trust them!


Important questions to ask

Every reliable removalist company should be able to answer a whole range of questions that can help you identify whether they are reliable or not!

Asking questions can also help you to clarify what their services include and whether they are the right fit for your move.

If you are still unsure of whether you can trust the business, ask these questions:

What does my quote include and are there any additional fees?

You will want to know well in advance what your move includes to save you any hassle on the day with unexpected fees or a service that doesn’t cover what you need.

An answer like ‘our services include everything’ may be a red flag. A reliable removalist will be able to tell you in detail what their services cover.

Do they have a cancellation policy?

Most removalists will have a cancellation policy. You will want to ask them what happens in circumstances out of your control like needing to change your moving date or the notice period required for changes and cancellation.

A reliable removalist will have this information readily available and clearly planned.

How do other customers review them?

Online reviews are a great way to identify the quality, and authenticity, of a removalists’ services.

Check out reviews on websites and forums as well as Google and social media to see what other people are saying about their services.

Check out our Google reviews for an example!


How we differ

At Acrobat Removals, we bend over backwards to make your move a breeze and will always be here for you even when you’ve been let down by a bodgey removalist.

You can count on our team to deliver services promptly and to a high standard. In fact, our award-winning team has been recognised multiple times for our commitment to ensuring our customers are looked after.

It’s why locals continue to choose us when moving.


Choose a removalist team you can rely on

Need to book in a move with someone who won't leave you high and dry? Reach out to us today.

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