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Moving Interstate: Things you need to know.

Moving interstate is logistically different to moving locally, and therefore needs to be approached differently, particularly when considering important things like deciding on the most suitable suburb to live in, the school that’s the right fit for the kids, which removalist to go with, right down to realising that you’ll need to pack your belongings better and with better packing materials due to the distances to be travelled. It is never as straight forward as one would expect it to be.

A bit of forethought takes the stress out of the move, the real secret being the planning, so it is advisable to sit down and formulate a removal plan putting in place milestones to keep you on top of everything.

As soon as you know you will be moving interstate it is a good idea to consider how you move everything from A to B. You will likely be doing one of the following:

  • Getting a hire truck, using friends and family to help move. This is the least desirable option and should be avoided for many reasons, some of which would be common knowledge.
  • A priority load, where yours is the only load on the removalist’s truck, and you therefore pay for travel in both directions. This will normally be expensive.
  • A backload, which means the removalist has multiple customers’ gear on his truck at any given time making it cheaper, but reducing the likelihood of desirable pick-up and delivery times, and more likely that you’ll be dealing with the less reputable, less reliable companies. Fraught with danger.
  • Shipping containers transported by rail, truck, ship. Sometimes cheaper, but containers were not designed for moving household furniture and the logistics of getting them where you want them can often be a headache besides that they’re big, which means that just a few items more than 1 container load means you’ll need another container. Often costs more in drama than any saving you’ll make.
  • Modular Storage Units; these portable, room-sized Modules are taken to the loading address, packed with your belongings and then taken to the destination address and unloaded. This is the smartest way to do it for numerous reasons.

With all of these options, the price you end up paying will be dependent on how much stuff you want moved. It is therefore good advice to reduce the amount of goods to be transported, as this is the first and best way to cut down the cost of the move. De-clutter and offload as much unnecessary stuff as you can; be brutal.

At a certain point in time you are going to get a quote for your move. You’re going to want an exact price because an estimate is just a rubbery figure subject to change with the whim of the removalist; therefore an EXACT list of items to be moved and details of the access situations at both the pickup and delivery addresses will need to be done. You will either need to do one yourself or you can make an appointment to have an in-house estimator come out to see you.

It is a good idea to start researching which Removal Company you’re going to go with as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. and ask your friends and family for recommendations.

You’ll need to purchase quality packing materials and remember anything that fits in a box should be put in a box.

It’s advisable to take out insurance for your interstate move because the greater the distance the greater the chance of a mishap. Don’t trust the Free Transit Insurance offered by some as “free insurance” normally means “no insurance”. A good tip is to photograph important items for proof of their existence and condition.

If you are moving into a new home you may need to organise storage if there is a gap between your moving-out and moving-in times/dates. Modular storage is the way to go as it is cheaper and easier.

If you intend to fly, book flights well in advance and confirm them one week prior to your move, or if you are going to drive get the oils, waters and tyre pressures checked. Keep all important documents and valuables with you.

Remember to check quarantine laws for the states you are moving through.

Have your medical, dental and school records sent on to new providers.

Acrobat has a moving interstate checklist to make this process a breeze. Check it out.

Remember the better prepared you are for your move, the more likelihood it will go off without a hitch and it won’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

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