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6 Reasons Storage Modules can Make Your Life Easier

1. Unsynchronised double settlement.

A large percentage of house moves are performed in a double settlement situation. This is where the solicitor or conveyancer for the moving-out house organises the settlement to occur on a certain time and date; and the moving in house settlement is also planned to settle on a particular time and date.It is convenient for he purchaser to have both the sale of their old property and the purchase of their new one coincide with each other, so that their removalist can load his truck then go straight to the new address and unload. However, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, and settlements are not always able to be planned like that.

One reason a settlement can’t always go your way is because the sale of your old property and the purchase of your new one are often just two transactions in a long line of settlements; the most we’ve experienced is 22. That’s 22 properties all connected to each other in a big conga-line of settlements, so as you can see, when it doesn’t all go your way your furniture can end up in theoretical limbo for hours/days/weeks.When this situation arises, what would normally happen is the removalist would load his truck with all of the furniture and unload it into a storage situation then once settlement has occurred, he would go back, load it again then unload it into the new place. Doing it this way means every item gets handled, would you believe 4 times; this makes for an expensive move, and also increases the likelihood of damages. Modules are perfect for this situation, because they are loaded once then unloaded; there is no double handling!

2. Delayed settlement.

To accommodate the purchaser / seller, the settlement of both properties is often set down for the same date. If there is a hiccup with the transaction of either property the settlement can get delayed at the last minute. There are a number of reasons why this can happen, such as rubbish being left behind. There is a clause in a standard contract that basically says anything that’s not nailed down must be removed before the property can settle. What can happen is if at the time of settlement there is any rubbish left at the property, the transaction gets delayed until all the rubbish is removed. This could put a spanner in the works for days. This is just one of many reasons a settlement Can stall.For peace of mind it is recommended that Modules are used whenever there is the possibility that immediate access to the new address could be denied.

3. Long Distance Removals.

Modules for Interstate/intrastate moving. All of the customer’s belongings can be packed into 1, 2, 3, or even 4 Modules at their address. Back at the warehouse they are simply forked off the truck, then forked back onto the long-distance truck at a time-frame that suits the customer. Modules make the move cheaper because the long-distance truck can transport more than one customer’s modules in each direction. This is called “line haul”and it makes the long distance move more cost effective. Another reason Modules are better for long distance moving is when moving multiple customers inside a truck there is always the risk of people ending up with someone else’s items. When moving in Modules this can’t happen because everyone has their own Module.

4. Decluttering

Modules are perfect for Decluttering. Messy houses stress you out and they can be bad for your health! If you have excess items lying around, it is a great idea to have a clean-up and do a De-clutter at the same time.Another reason to De-clutter is when you are puting your house on the market. Any good Real Estate Agent would advise that you will sell quicker and for more, of you keep the best looking furniture and items in the house and around the yard, and move everything else off site. The perfect way to De-clutter is in a Module. Having those excess items stored off site mans you can isolate yourself from your junk, yet it’s accessible when you want to get at it.

5. Archiving

Storing of Company records and documents is too easy when using Modules. Having a hinged door makes access a breeze, and being fairly small in size means wasted space is kept to a minimum. We can bring the module to you and pack it for you, or you can bring your archive boxes to the Module and pack it yourself.

6. Long Term Storage

Using Modules to store your gear for long periods of time makes good sense. Being stack-able means the space your belongings occupy is much more efficient than just the floor area. This allows us to be able to give discounts to our long term customers.

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