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Common moving questions we receive

Here at Acrobat Removals, we try to make your relocation experience, whether it’s your home or office, as stress-free as possible. We’ve pulled together answers to a series of common moving questions we hope will give you that extra peace of mind.

Whatever the moving questions you have, our team is more than happy to answer your enquiry.

The basic moving questions

Do you charge for a quote?

No! We can provide a quote free of charge. You can request a free quote here.

Do you sell packing materials?

Yes! Our packing materials are available through our online store.

Do you move interstate?

Yes! Ask for a free quote now.

Do you offer a pre-pack service?

Yes! Short on Time? Choose to have your items professionally packed by us.

We have a professional pre-packing service, where we can come in either before the move or on the day (depending on how much packing is required) and pre-pack your smaller items into cartons ready for transport.

Having us do your pre-pack for you can be a benefit to you because it saves you time; also, we are able to offer full cover transit insurance on these cartons because we take responsibility for all cartons packed by us.

You can request a free quote here.

Can I use plastic tubs or large storage bags?

We prefer that you don’t use those large striped bags or plastic tubs, because it takes longer to secure them, and they can easily break if heavier items are stacked on top of them. If you do have bags and tubs, we can still transport them, but they take a little longer to load into the truck. But please never use these to pack any fragile items.

Do you move dangerous goods?

For insurance and liability reasons, removalists cannot transport flammables, explosives, poisons, corrosives, and other dangerous substances — even a mower that still contains fuel. Make sure you separate such items from everything else to avoid last minute confusion when the removal team arrives.

Do you move plants?

Most removalists don’t like moving plants because they can be awkward, they can leave dirt inside the truck, and they can leak water. However, we have refined our method of moving plants so we’re happy to do so, long as they have been properly prepared prior to our arrival.

We ask that you remove dirt from terracotta pots into containers and place plant roots into plastic bags, and not to water plants for at least two days prior to your move.

We will not move any terracotta pots that are not totally empty because the excess weight of the dirt increases the likelihood they will crack and break.

If you’re between properties and you need plants taken care of until you’re settled, Acrobat has a specialised plant minding service available.

Preparing your household goods for removal

What should I do before my removal team arrives?

We strongly recommend dismantling and disconnecting your bed, gym equipment, white goods, and electronics. It will make moving day will go so much faster. In fact, we've prepared a helpful article about why it is a good idea to do these things.

Do I need a safe spot carton?

A safe spot carton is the last carton on and the first off the truck. Having one of these sitting open in a handy location such as a kitchen benchtop is a good idea to put small items in that you may want to find in a hurry or are easily lost such as keys, landline phones, mobiles, laptops, chargers, and remote controls. They’re also the best place to put bed bolts and tools. You might even decide to pop in an electric kettle, coffee, sugar, longlife milk, and a couple of mugs for when you arrive at the new place.

How do I prepare my refrigerator and freezer?

The proper way to prepare fridges and freezers for transportation is to first unplug them and empty them of their contents, putting everything into eskies and the like. Leave the appliance leave switched off until they are defrosted, then remove all shelves, trays and drawers and properly clean with hot, soapy water.

It is fine to switch appliances less than 10 years old off just before they are moved, but after the relocation has taken place, they should be left to sit for at least half an hour before switching on to allow the gas to settle.

Before moving into a storage situation, the doors should be left open for a period so that it can settle down to room temperature and it should be totally free of moisture; they should then be closed to protect the seals. To prevent the possibility of mould occurring, put a teabag or moisture removing bag on every shelf and inside every drawer.

How do I prepare my washing machine?

When preparing your washing machine for transport, disconnect it from electricity then unscrew the hoses off the taps to drain any residual water; then unscrew the hoses from the machine and place them in the bowl, or if they are attached to the back of the machine, coil them up and tape them so they’re not left dangling. Be careful not to lose the rubber washers and if you kept the travel bolts from when you purchased the machine, install these last.

How do I prepare my BBQ?

Prepare your BBQ for the move by detaching the gas bottle (you will need to make your own arrangements for the transportation of it because gas bottles are a prohibited item on our trucks). Remove and clean the drip tray and remove the wing panels on each side, if possible, to protect it and save space.

Do I have to empty chest of drawers and filing cabinets?

Prior to being moved, if the contents of items such as chests of drawers, dressing tables and filing cabinets haven’t been taken out, the extra weight can put excess stress on the frames. This will weaken them they are more likely to fall apart. Besides that, the extra weight makes them heavier to carry. Please empty of all items prior to the arrival of your removalists, and properly pack the contents into standard sized cartons.

Where will the relocation vehicle park?

Heavy trucks can easily crack driveways; that’s why professional removalists won’t park on them. Reserve ample space by parking cars and placing wheelie bins strategically on the roadway, as close to the house as possible.

We will likely be using a three-to-four-metre-long ramp leading up to the back of the truck, so two cars and two strategically placed bins should do the trick.

Time to get moving!

There's no such thing as a silly question, so if you still have any queries about our services, please contact us today.

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