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Choosing a removalist – our insider tips

When it comes to choosing a removalist, going for the one with the most competitive price is the way to go, right? After all, every removalist does the same thing …

Wrong! Unfortunately, in our line of business there are many removalists that choose to cut corners rather than get the job done properly.

And choosing a removalist based on price alone could end up costing you more in the long run. Worst of all, it might mean that your carelessly handled invaluable belongings end up damaged or missing, something no one wants to happen.

We encourage you to make an informed decision. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of steps you should take to ensure you secure the right removalist in Newcastle.

How to choose a removalist that is right for you

Do your homework

Check out their website. Does it look legit? How long have they been in business? Are there photos of their staff on the page?

Ask around, and read reviews

There’s no better testimonial than that of friends and family. So, if you know someone who has recently relocated, ask them if their removalist did a good job — or if they didn’t!

Reviews on Google and social media platforms like Facebook are also great for getting unfiltered reviews of the company, and to see what others’ experience has been like.

Check their credentials 

Shortlist three or four removalists that offer the services you need, are local to your area, and look professional.

Are they AFRA accredited? The Australian Furniture Removers Association is the gold standard of removalists, with regular auditing to ensure all accredited members are adhering to industry best practice.

What level of insurance do they provide?
It’s important to ensure you are covered in the (hopefully unlikely!) event that something goes wrong.

Get quotes 

Pick up the phone and speak directly with your potential removalists. This is not just to determine the most competitive price, but to get a sense of how professional, knowledgeable, and reliable they are.

Did they understand your specific situation and needs? Do they seem trustworthy? Did they explain what was included in the price quoted? Did you end the call feeling confident that they would deliver the service you expect?

Time to decide

You now have the information needed to compare apples with apples. You have quotes, information, testimonials, and a sense of who they are at your disposal. Plus, a little insider information!

Our team at Acrobat Removals & Storage has built a strong reputation by delivering personalised services that deliver cost-effective, stress-free moving experiences for close to 30 years.

We go above and beyond to assist people with their move by guaranteeing:

  • Quality and reliable service, for a fair price.
  • Honest and professional moving advice based on thousands of moves and years of experience.
  • Competitive prices and accurate hourly rate estimates.
  • Quality over quantity – only the highest quality of staff to handle your belongings.
  • Personalised and friendly customer service.

Acrobat Removals & Storage will provide you with a quote for your removal needs that’s competitive and transparent, and we’ll make the entire process as stress-free as can be

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