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The Difference Between Cheap and More Expensive Removalists

When moving house many things need to be considered, not the least of which is your budget. You may be tempted to take the cheapest quote but this can turn into the most expensive option in the long run.

The furniture removals industry is not heavily regulated and there are many people who purchase any old truck to make a quick dollar who have little experience and very little equipment. The experts may make moving house look easy but in actuality it can be quite an arduous task requiring training, experience and the correct equipment, it can turn into a logistical nightmare.

Let’s look at a common house move-

A young couple have purchased their first home and want to move out of their rented flat as soon as they have the OK to move into the house. Operating on murphy's law what could possibly go wrong.

On the day of the move the settlement on your new home fails to go through and the move needs to be cancelled and rebooked for 3 days time. Quite often in the find print of the booking agreement there will be a cancelation fee for bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the booked time. Then there is the issue of finding a new removalist in a hurry and you can only get the dearest one of worse still the dodgiest one. A good removalist will take a deposit and explain that the deposit is transferable to a later date if the move has to be postponed. Inform your removalist as soon as you have any variation of circumstances. Good removalist companies such as Acrobat Removals have a depot with onsite storage available for customers which can be a major help in circumstances such as these.

On the day of the move you have to be out of your flat for the final inspection by 12 noon. El-cheapo removalist fails to arrive on time and takes so long to load up that you are in trouble with the leasing agent for both the damage done by the inexperienced removalists to the flat and not meeting your deadline to be out. Not only that but you are paying by the hour and the move takes twice as long as it was estimated to take.

You get to the new address and the moving van parks on your new driveway which has only been laid 4 days ago. The driveway cannot take the weight of the loaded truck and cracks under the weight but you aren’t too worried because the removalist company said they carried full insurance so you didn’t need to purchase your own. You ask the driver repeatedly for the paper work so that you can claim the damage but it never appears because they really have no insurance to cover you only themselves. While they are moving your furniture you notice that they have walked fresh tar onto your new carpet and scraped furniture up the hallway wall. The two door stainless fridge your saved so hard for has big dents in the doors because the removalist did not have the proper lifting equipment to take it down the stairs of the apartment building and your marble hall stand is cracked beyond repair.

You spend the next week trying to find your belongings in boxes which have ended up in every room but the one you needed them in only to discover that some of the boxes with your most valuable goods have not arrived at their destination. The person who answers the phone number you have for the removalists has never heard of them.

The bill for the move has skyrocketed to 3 times what you were quoted by the most expensive removalist who offered to sell you insurance cover with your move.

Take a deep breath because you were to smart to fall for the El-cheapo quote and have gone with a reputable company with many years of experience who are members of a Government recognised industry body (AFRA). You did your homework and checked out their history and took out insurance when offered. You packed in standard removal cartons to save both space and time. It may not have been the cheapest quote but your move went like clockwork, done by trained professional removalists who had plenty of removalist equipment and they even wrapped every item of furniture in pads to make sure nothing was broken or damaged.

That’s the kind of experience you will get with Acrobat Removals, its red carpet all the way.

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