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How to Declutter Your Life

Removalists aren’t just for when you move house. Over time, junk and unnecessary items will accumulate around your home, and not only does this reduce the already limited space that you have around the house but may actually be leading to more stress in your life.

Did you know that there is a strong link between having a cluttered home and having a confused mind? Confusion breeds clutter and clutter causes confusion, and having a messy space at home only adds to the stress that you’re facing from work or life. To get back on track, it’s not a psychologist you need — it’s a removalist.

The answer

We get it — you know a lot of the junk lying around your house is useless, but you just can’t bring yourself to part ways with it forever. But rather than having it taking up all your precious space, there’s a simple solution: storage modules.

Acrobat Removals will come to your home and pick up all your clutter, and safely store it away in our fantastic Acrobat Modules. So get in touch today and be on your way to a decluttered house — and mind!

Where to begin

Not sure where to begin? Break it down room by room, starting with:

  • The laundry. The laundry is a great place to start. It is a hotspot for old shoes, clothing that you haven’t gotten around to mending, etc. If you haven’t worn something in 6 months, chances are you’ll never wear it again — so be ruthless and toss it out.
  • The kitchen. Kitchens are messy even at the best of times, but if you don’t regularly clear out unneeded items then it can make preparing food a very cramped and stressful endeavour. Go through cupboards and get rid of utensils and electrical appliances — and of course, all food in the pantry and the fridge that has passed its use by date.
  • Garages and sheds. As the area of the home that we don’t always visit too often, this is where junk accumulates the most. It is the place we store all the stuff we don’t really need but can’t quite bring ourselves to throw out, so instead we put it in the garage to deal with later — which ends up being never. And we guarantee that nothing in there will be more valuable than your car. So rather than leaving it parked on the street, clear out your garage and give your beloved car a place to call home.

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