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Preparing Your Whitegoods for Removal

Fridges, Freezers, Microwaves, Washing Machines and Dryers should be prepared and treated in a certain fashion before they are moved and once they have been installed, which is why we have put this blog together. It Systematizes how each different appliance should be treated. For a start, before the arrival of the removalist, these appliances should be totally empty, and due to WH&S issues we ask that they are already disconnected from electricity, with the lead secured so that it doesn’t get dragged around. These days we have found a lot of fridges and freezers are bigger, and washing machines such as front loaders are heavier and more awkward than they used to be. Most Removal Companies don’t have any specialized handling techniques for these items, and just use a 2 wheeled trolley to move them, however to do the job properly, more specialized removal gear is often required.Acrobat Removalists have as standard equipment a comprehensive tool kit, dolly and custom lifting straps, and thats’s besides a minimum of 2 trolleys per truck. We also have as standard equipment a spirit level, so that once we’ve installed your fridge, freezer and washer we level them for you, because we know you’ll appreciate how much better they work when they are level and stable.


Once all the food has been removed from them, this is the perfect opportunity to defrost and thoroughly clean them inside and out. You will realize that it was time well spent once they are re-installed into your new home, because they will be clean, smell nice and they’ll be ice free! Behind many fridges you will find a condensation tray which is often full of dirty water. Before we transport your fridge, if you haven’t been able to empty this tray, our guys have been trained to empty it for you, without you needing to ask.


Before the arrival of your Removalists, your Washing Machine should be disconnected from water and electricity. The hoses may contain water, so once they’ve been unscrewed from the taps, they should be lowered down to floor level, letting the water empty into the floor drain. The floor and hoses should then be dried before unscrewing them from the back of the machine, or if they are not removable taping them to the back of the machine. We’ve found the best place to stow the hoses, fittings and rubber washers is in the machine to keep everything together ready for reconnection. Our guys have trained to re-connect the hoses for you before we level the machine. We will then turn the water on to check for leaks then back off, but as mentioned before we will not re-connect it to electricity. Washing machines sometimes require a support bar (which stabilizes the drum) to be installed before it is transported. It is the customer’s responsibility to check on the manufacturers recommendations from the user manual, and if they are able to supply this bar with installation instructions, our removalists will fit it however, it is always the customers responsibility to ensure he bar is removed and the drum is devoid of foreign objects before the machine is started.


Clothes dryers have a filter that should be cleaned regularly. If you are not in the habit of cleaning your filter regularly, it is a great idea to use this occasion to clean it out before your move takes place. Your dryer is likely to be wall mounted: if it is and the mount is already installed in your new laundry, we will hang the dryer for you, however because we are not structural engineers and have no way of precisely assessing how well the bracket is attached to the wall you will be asked to sign a declaration taking responsibility for the structural integrity of the mount.


When microwaves are being handled, it would be easy for the glass plate to come loose and break, it is for this reason that the plate should be removed, wrapped properly and put in a smaller carton prior to moving the microwave. If you have a designated nook for your microwave, our men have been trained to put it in there for you, however once again, we will not switch it on at the electricity.

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