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Advice For Moving Day On Settlement Day

Moving homes is a stressful affair. You have to worry about packing all your belongings, cleaning your property, cancelling some things and booking others, looking after your pets — the list of things to do is endless. Then there’s the removalists: what time should they arrive and how long do they need, are they able to move everything one day, and so on and so forth.

But the biggest headache of all is the settlement itself. Without the keys to the new house, you won’t be able to provide your removal team with access to the property — which can mean a lengthier process and more fees. While you need to book your removalist job well in advance, unfortunately solicitors will not advise you of the time that settlement will take place until about 2 days prior, which can make it difficult to get the timing right. And if the removalists are unable to unload your belongings because the settlement has not yet taken place, this will unfortunately result in them having to charge you additional fees, and means you are delayed from unpacking. No one wins.

Don’t make moving homes more difficult than it already is and plan ahead. We’ve compiled a handy list of things you can do to ensure that you avoid this nightmare from occurring, and making sure that the entire process of moving on settlement day goes without any hiccups.

Here’s some ideas for making your move on settlement day smooth and swift…

  1. Move the day after settlement. We know how excited you will be to move into your new home as soon as possible, but it will be more practical to hold off for just one more night to ensure that the settlement goes through properly — so consider arranging to move the day after settlement with your solicitor.
  2. Move before settlement. Ask your solicitor to check if your new home will be empty prior to settlement, so that you can move your stuff in without having to worry about the settlement time.

The worst case scenario is that settlement only takes place in the later afternoon/evening, but all your belongings are already with the removalists, who will be forced to unload them the following day instead. This means that you will be charged with additional fees because the removal team are unable to carry out other jobs for the rest of the day, but even worse means that you will have to spend the night without your things. So when it comes to moving on the day of your settlement, it truly pays to plan ahead!

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