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The 7 Benefits of Module Storage with Acrobat

Acrobat has 7 great reasons to use Module Storage for your storage needs!

  • We bring them, we pack them, we store them in our locked and alarmed storage premises at Mayfield East.Whenever you require access to your belongings, a quick phone call will result in your module being placed on the floor ready for you when you arrive. A small handling fee is charged for this service.
  • It is generally known that when you put your items into a storage situation, unless you supply your own blankets to protect your furniture, it will remain unprotected making it prone to scratching and damage. As we have the experience of being professional furniture removalists for the last 19 years, we know that when furniture is placed into a 3D jigsaw puzzle situation, it won’t come back out in the same condition as it went in if it isn’t first wrapped correctly with special blankets. It is for this reason that we supply professional furniture blankets every time we store your furniture. That’s an unlimited amount of blankets, which means as many as your need for us to do the job properly.And that’s free! No charge! Gratis! Complimentary, for as long as you’re in storage with us!
  • The other reason furniture gets damaged when in storage is because it is put in by people who don’t know what they’re doing. Our removalists have all been trained in the art of packing into a confined space; the fact that they know what they’re doing means the job gets done quicker and better.
  • Wouldn’t it be good if you knew exactly what you had in storage, down to the last box? Whenever we pack a Module with your belongings, we do a detailed inventory every time, so you will have a record of exactly what’s in each module.
  • We can store your modules for a minimum of one day to the end of time, as long as your want. We charge by the month, but to be fair we refund back to you the balance of the month that you don’t use when you vacate. We also offer discounts for long term storage. This makes storing for long periods of time more affordable.
  • It is against the law for a furniture removalist to offer you any form of insurance. Being members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) means that we are legally able to supply you with Storage Insurance for peace of mind.

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