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Storage Modules Versus Other Methods of Storage

What are Modules?

Modules are mobile storage units made from durable, industrial plywood. Being mobile, a forklift simply loads the empty modules onto a truck, which then drives straight to your home. They are packed with your furniture and belongings then brought back to the warehouse, forked off and stacked. This maximises efficiency of space, which reduces the cost of warehousing. It is for this reason that modules are superior.

You can’t beat free storage in your parent’s garage, can you?

Free storage sounds great, but there are a number of reasons why it often ends in disaster.

Relationships can sour when there are arguments over whose fault it was when:

Items go missing.

Everything ends up dirty and dusty.

You find items that are rat-eaten and cockroach infested.

The garage leaked and everything was water damaged and went mouldy. Or how about this one.

You’re away on holidays and the oldies inform you that you’ve got to move everything out because they have decided they want their space back; NOW!

Why are Modules better than Storage Units?

Modules are loaded once and unloaded once, as opposed to the traditional method of storage which requires a truck to be loaded, driven to the storage facility then unloaded into a storage unit. When moving out, the truck again needs to be loaded, driven to the new address, then unloaded yet again. This is called double handling, but every item actually gets handled 4 times! As you can see, when using modules there is no double handling which is a real saver!

But are they better than Shipping Containers?

The design of Modules allows for ventilation over the top and underneath which stops them from becoming musty inside, as opposed to shipping containers which are designed to be a sealed unit, obviously promoting mould and mildew. Shipping containers generally come in 2 sizes; big and twice as big. What this means is that if you don’t have enough gear to totally fill the Container, nothing is being held in place, so when the container moves so does your furniture; this results in breakages and damage, besides the fact that you have to pay for all the space you don’t require. What’s more, if it turned out that you had a bit more than a containerful, those remnants would have to go into another container. As you can see this ends up being wasteful on space, and is likely to cost much more than it should. Modules are a smaller more manageable size, there for minimizing wasted space. Also, containers are normally stored outside in the elements. This exposes them to the extreme temperatures of different seasons. Typical complaints are about cracks in furniture from expansion and contraction, and disfiguration of items from heat exposure. When a container is stored outside all it takes is a minor pin hole in the roof or a bent door hinge, and you’ve got the recipe for major damage to everything inside; this would likely remain undetected for along time. Being stored outside also increases the risk of tampering and theft.

Storing in modules really is a no brainer!

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