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Moving into an apartment – our stress-free guide

Moving into an apartment, house, unit, or other property can be stressful at the best of times. You’ve likely got to declutter, update your address, pre-pack, and organise a removalist service at the very least.

To make things easier for you, we have created this handy guide to help you prep for your next move into an apartment.


The dos and don’ts

Let’s start off with the basics: the dos and don’ts of moving into an apartment.


1. Your moving date

Chances are if you’re renting, you’ll have a definite date of when your current lease is ending. Don’t wait until a week before to start searching for an apartment. Give yourself at minimum, two months to find a new place and plan your move.

The more time the better!

And as soon as you know your next move in date, book a removalist.


2. Inspect and measure

One of the most important things you should do before moving into an apartment is inspect the property and take measurements.

Photos can be misleading, so always inspect the apartment in person. This will give you an accurate representation of the dimensions, natural light, and storage areas.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to bring your tape measure! If you’re moving from a house into an apartment, you likely will need to downsize and declutter. Make sure to take measurements of key areas, such as the:

  • Fridge space
  • Lounge area
  • Dining area
  • Bedroom

We’d also recommend you request a floorplan with measurements from the real estate.


3. Budget

Moving is expensive, and there’s likely an expense that pops up and surprises you.

One of the first things you should do when deciding to move into an apartment is start budgeting for costs such as bond, rent, utilities and removalist services.


4. Declutter and pre-pack

This is one of the most important steps of moving into an apartment, especially if you’re downsizing.

Apartments are generally smaller than other properties, so getting ahead on decluttering and reducing the number of items you own can help make the moving process that much easier.

Furthermore, pre-packing items you know you won’t be used in the lead-up to your move (such as seasonal clothing and bedding) can help take the stress out of your move closer to the moving date.


Talk to us to help when moving into an apartment

If you are planning a move into an apartment, our team is here to help!

We have your move covered with our packing materials, pre-packing service, and storage options. Plus, we have a proven reputation providing a reliable, no-fuss removalist service.

So, while you’re enjoying your new apartment, our team will navigate the cramped lifts and internal stairways to make sure your belongings are delivered safely.

We understand how challenging these moves can be, so contact our team today for removalists you can trust!

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