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The Dos and Don'ts of DIY pre-packing

Are you moving to a new house or office space? Are you looking for ways to save money where you can, by pre-packing your belongings to help offset the costs?

Pre-packing before your move can help save you a few extra dollars. To ensure you have a successful, fast and efficient move, we have outlined the ‘dos and don’ts’ of pre-packing when moving to your new home or office.

Our pre-packing recommendations:

Do: Use industry Standard removalist cartons and packing materials

Are you pre-packing for your move yourself? If so, we advise that you only use industry standard-sized cartons, white butchers’ type paper, and good quality packing tape.

Using these materials for pre-packing ensures that your breakables will be better protected. As per the AFRA Contract for Removals and Storage, a removalist may not be held responsible for damage to the content of the PBOs (packed by owner’s cartons).

If you are interested in purchasing these packing materials, you can buy them from our online store.

Do: Use safe spot cartons

A safe spot carton is the last carton onto the truck and the first carton off the truck. This allows for easy access of all of your last-minute items.

We recommend having one of these open in a handy location – such as a kitchen benchtop. These cartons are ideal for small items you may need in a hurry, such as chargers, allen keys and remote controls.

Do: Ensure that you are pre-packing all items that are smaller than a removalist carton.

When your moving house or office space, we understand that you want to get the move done as quick as possible. We recommend pre-packing smaller boxes such as shoe boxes and boxes for small appliances. This allows for the truck to be packed quicker and easier, as everything will already be in a uniform shape.

If we are doing your move on an hourly rate, this will help save you money!

Mistakes to avoid whilst pre-packing

Don't: Source random boxes for your pre-packing

Although it may seem like you are saving a lot of money by sourcing old boxes from work or a friend, your goods won’t be receiving the same protection that specialised removalist boxes can.

This is because our industry standard packing material is developed to ensure your possessions are safely transported from point A to point B.

Don't: Pack prohibited items

This includes dry batteries that are prone to leakage when they are left sitting for long periods of time. When this occurs, the acid corrodes the item, which will make the batteries dangerous, and unusable.

While you are pre-packing, ensure that you identify which of your items have batteries in them and remove the batteries from these items. Dispose of the batteries or make alternative arrangements for them during the move.

It is also important to leave behind paint cans, acid or flammable items such as petrol or thinners.

If you are finding it difficult to pack, or you’re not sure which items you can or can’t pack, we’re here to help!

Think you might need an extra hand to pack up your belongings? Get in touch with our team today to discuss our pre-packing services.

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