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Tips for moving out of a rental property, without the drama

Navigate your end of lease with our expert tips and tricks.

Moving out when your lease terminates can come with a lot of pressure.

However, with careful and proactive planning, the transition can be smooth and stress-free.

The start of the year can be a popular time for moving house, with many people seeking to take advantage of extended time off work, and wanting to start the new year in a new home.

We dive into the common concerns associated with moving out of a rental, and provide a range of tips, tricks, and advice to help you make your move a breeze.

End of lease challenges

Moving out of a rental property requires preparation to ensure crucial details aren’t overlooked, whilst also meeting strict deadlines. Therefore, it's essential to start the process early, and ensure you’ve covered all bases.


Review your lease agreement

By reviewing the details of your lease agreement, you can gain a clear understanding of the specific requirements at the end of your lease. This might include thorough cleaning, repairs, or other obligations that need to be fulfilled.

We recommend maintaining open communication with your property manager to ensure you’re on the same page, and there are no surprises. You should also be aware of your legal rights as a tenant.

Double check the dates on the lease that’s ending and the date you get the keys to your new home. You may need to consider storage services if your moving dates don’t line up perfectly.

If you are moving out before your lease ends, we recommend checking your lease for break lease conditions. There are also required notice periods when ending a lease, so it’s important to understand the terms of your specific agreement..


Plan your move early!

Initiate the moving process well in advance. You may find it beneficial to make a list of tasks, including notifying utility providers and updating your address with the relevant organisations and authorities.

Consider how you will complete the move – will you try to do it yourself, or will you engage professionals. If you choose to hire the experts, ensure you reach out early to gauge prices and availability for your dates, so you don’t get caught scrambling for support.

A professional removalist team can provide moving expertise and save you from having to do the heavy lifting while you handle the rest of the move.


Get packing!

If you can, begin packing your items early by starting with items that are used less frequently. Label your boxes clearly and take the time to declutter where you can.

We strongly recommend equipping yourself with the right packing materials prior to your move. Old, unsuitable, or poor-quality boxes, can increase the risk of breakages, and there are some fantastic purpose-built boxes (like TV cartons, and portable robes) that can make your life much easier.

We also recommend doing research on how to pack your items safely and properly. Our Moving FAQs has a range of expert advice when it comes to packing and moving house.


Plan the day

When you're gearing up for a move out of your rental, we recommend planning ahead for what needs to happen on the day of your move.

You may want to take advantage of removalist services to reduce the work you need to manage yourself.

Professional removalists are specifically trained to move household items safely, particularly delicate items. This can help to not only reduce the risk of damage to your items, but also reduce the risk of damage to the properties you are moving in and out of.

If you do choose to go with professionals, make sure you know the time they are coming and have everything ready for them to make the move as efficient (and cost-effective) as possible.

Once all belongings are out, you will also want to make the time to prepare for the final inspection and end of lease report and take photos of the condition of the house if needed.

And don’t forget to change your address! Service NSW has a helpful guide for who you may need to notify when moving house.

Get ahead of the curve and enquire about moving with us before your lease ends.

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