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Moving Tips

By following some simple moving tips ahead of your moving day, you can start to eliminate some of the common stress that is experienced. Being prepared for when your removalists arrive can ensure that everything runs smoothly, without any hiccups.

Here are some of our top moving tips:

Moving Tip 1: Disconnect all electrical items prior to our arrival

Did you know that under Health and Safety law provisions removalists are not allowed to disconnect or reconnect electrical items that are still connected to power?

This means that before we arrive you must make sure all electrical items are disconnected, so they are ready to go!

This includes washing machines from power and water. Be sure to drain hoses and keep parts/cords together to ensure they don’t get lost.

Moving Tip 2: Clean out fridges and freezers

During the days leading up to your move, remember to leave yourself enough time to thoroughly clean out the fridge/freezer with hot, soapy water. Doing this early will mean you won’t be rushing on moving day to do last minute cleaning jobs.

Moving Tip 3: Leave a ‘safe spot’ for last minute items

Do you ever make it to your move day, get into your new place and can’t remember where you placed all those important screws, bolts and keys?

This can be avoided by using a last-minute box on your kitchen bench, that can easily be grabbed before locking up. The box can hold important items such as charging cords, important documents, and other items that need to be easily accessible after getting to your new place.

If you have certain items that require more security, you could also pick up a security box for all your private documents and items.

Moving Tip 4: Ensure there is parking space for our removalist truck

Heavy trucks can easily cause cracks on driveways – so we always avoid packing on them. On your move day, ensure there is ample space. We recommend saving car parks by asking a friend to park in the space to reserve it, and notifying the removalist early if the parking is limited.
2 cars and 2 strategically placed bins should be enough room!

Moving Tip 5: Manage dangerous goods

For insurance and liability reasons, our trucks should never be loaded with flammables, explosives, poisons, corrosives, or other dangerous substances. This includes mowers that have fuel in them, BBQ gas bottles, turps and thinners.

Prior to your removalists arriving, be sure to separate these items from the rest of your belongings and be prepared to transport them yourself.

Moving Tip 6: Dismantle furniture, beds and equipment

By dismantling furniture prior to the moving date, we can load the truck much quicker!
We recommend putting bolts and screws into bags, and taping them to the rails to ensure they don’t get lost. We also recommend packing bedding into bags or cartons that can easily be accessed on the other end.

Ready to make your next move a breeze? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help!

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