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The Stress of Moving

Moving house is one of the five most stressful events in a person’s life. It ranks up there with losing a loved one, getting married and losing your job. It causes friction in relationships, and can be expensive.

What can you do to make the experience less stressful?

How can you reduce the impact on your family and can you make it more cost effective?

The answer to these two questions above is yes, and for the most part having a stress-free move comes down to planning. Preparing your family for the move and being organised takes away the uncertainties and guarantees that you’ll be in control, which will make the transition more of an adventure and less of a mad rush.


Preparing children for the move involves getting them into the spirit of adventure and making the move a happy time. By being organised yourself, and reducing your stress levels it will help children to see the move in a more positive way. Encourage children to talk about their feelings and to ask questions about the whys and where of the move. Make a game of researching attractions, points of interest and events in the new area. Have older children search for sporting heroes and celebrities who have lived in the new area. Let the children help to decide what to keep and what to give to charity to make the move easier when packing. This will also reassure them that the things that are important at the old house will still be there at the new home.

The clean out

Start your preparations as soon as possible by cleaning out cupboards and giving away unnecessary items to charity; have a garage sale and give items as gifts to friends who have admired them in the past; this is particularly good if your are downsizing. The less you have to move the less it will cost and the less you have to pack.


When you pack use plenty of protection for breakables and fragile items. Use standard cartons. Visit our Box Shop. Put everything you can into boxes and remember to label them with room location and contents. If you need help or advice, call a professional, AFRA Accredited Revivalist. Pack important documents and valuables into one box and keep it with you. You may plan to make a cup of tea/coffee and a light meal, so pack what you need in an esky and keep it with you, or make sure it’s last on the truck so it’s first off.

Change of Address

Organise the redirection of mail, final readings for utilities and reconnection of services for the new address at least one week prior to your move. remember to change your licence and electoral role when you get to your new address. Change addresses with banks and insurers. Send a cad or note to everyone on your Christmas card list to let them know your new address and phone number.

Lastly keep your mobile phone charged and always have an alternative contact for your removalists to call if they need to.

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