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The 2 “P” Words to Remember Leading up to Your Move

Preparation and Planning

These are two very important words one should remember when moving, and if they are heeded, some classic, headache-causing mistakes can be avoided.

Use a Moving Plan

When moving, it is easy to underestimate the job at hand by leaving some things to the last minute, the result of which is often damages, increased costs and stress. A simple tool to help you avoid these is to set up a moving plan. The Acrobat Moving Checklist can be found on our website and is handy in that it gives you a suggested list of jobs you are likely to need to perform before the actual move, the order in which they would normally be done and a time line to get them done.

Acrobat Removals have been Newcastle Furniture Removalists for over 19 years, you will find that we can be an excellent source of advice and support on the best way to prepare for your move.

Over Estimate the Time it Will Take

When moving, the first and best piece of advice we can give you is to start preparing well ahead of the time you think will be required. Being on the ball will always minimise stress levels and can reduce last minute costs. The moment you learn that a move is imminent, start by culling as many unused, unwanted, out-sized and out-dated items that you come across; be brutal. stack all of these items together in the spare room or the shed, and sort them out at the end. Acrobat removals can be of help with their Rubbish Removal service, and their portable furniture Modules are ideal for storing items you will want to access another day, to be conveniently stored off-site; these Modules are also handy for transporting unwanted items to family and friends elsewhere.

A Box is a Box isn’t it?

The next step is the pre-pack. We have known for a long time the wrongly held belief that the best things to pack one’s belongings into fro transport are plastic storage tubs. The reasons they are not recommended is that they can easily crack and shatter when being stacked on top of in a truck and when being moved around on a trolley; this can obviously damage the contents and makes the move more difficult. Another favourite packing material is striped sisal bags which, although they make for good storage in your cupboards and garage at home, they don’t always travel well, rupturing and spilling their contents on the ground, not to mention the zippers and handles breaking easily. Also using recycled cardboard boxes of a non-standard size will make the packing of the 3D jigsaw puzzle (which is the truck) take longer, and fruit boxes can transfer the odour from the previous contents over to clothing and soft furnishings, and the last thing you want is to smell onions. It is for these reasons that standard size packing cartons should always be used, because they are uniform in size making the loading of the truck so much easier and quicker, which can actually reduce the cost of your move. Professional Removal cartons.

ome in 2 sizes; standard tea chest cartons, and book/wine/crystal cartons. The standard cartons are designed for bulkier, lighter items such as clothing, soft furnishings, Tupperware and larger pots and pans. The smaller book/wine/crystal cartons are for smaller, heavier items such as books, china and fragile goods. We also have in stock Porta-robes to transport your hanging clothes out of your wardrobes; purpose built Plasma Tv cartons, Picture/Mirror cartons, butchers' paper and bubble wrap.

Visit our Tips and Advice page for specific advice on the best way to pack your cartons to protect your goods. Because they are so handy, we’ve even had them printed on the sides of all our packing cartons.

Use The Professionals

Alternatively, if you would prefer to have the prepackaging done for you, we can provide a full prepack service as well as a valet unpack. For advice on this service, all you need do is ask. When deciding on which removalist to go with, it's not a good idea to simply go with the cheapest quote because you would find this likely to end up being one big headache. People normally find out too late the real reasons why el cheapo removalists are cheap. How would you feel if on the morning of your move your removalist just doesn’t turn up or worse still they turn up with guys that look like they are on parole. These types of removalists are often rude, they’re not likely to have much, if any professional moving experience or equipment, and they most certainly would not be legally able to provide you with any insurance coverage for your peace of mind; doesn’t give you much confidence when Murphy’s law would dictate that they will break the most precious, expensive items you have. You will find that it is for these reasons that it really does pay to move with professionals; and all professional removalists in Australia are members of the Australian Furniture Removalist Association (AFRA).


AFRA members such as Acrobat Removals Newcastle have to be fully accredited and must meet stringent standards, as well as being bound by the stipulation that their staff must be correctly trained to safely perform the task they are being payed to do.

We provide a premium service backed up with over 19 years of experience at competitive rates, so that you can be confident of getting a stress free, professional removal by having all your belongings arrive in the same condition they left you in.

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