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Selecting The Best Newcastle Removalist

1 Value for Money

When talking about Furniture Removal, value for money does not mean a cheap job: it means a good job at the right price. When your move’s over and done with, you’re going to want to be able to look back and feel it was worth it. There are numerous reasons why a cheap job doesn’t equate to value for money, such as:

  • Time Inexperienced removalists take longer to do any job than experienced, professional ones. When you buy cheap labour they will be less experienced, so it’s going to take them longer to do the job than it should. Your times worth money too; so when it takes longer than it should, it’s eating up your time as well.
  • Cost Most local moves are done on an hourly rate; but even though cheap labour will normally cost you less per hour, wouldn’t it be frustrating to find it costing you considerably more because it took longer than it should have? It is easy for unscrupulous operators to disguise certain aspects of the cost; you would often not realise this until its pay-up time. It’s easy to get sprung at the last minute with unexpected charges such as the GST being extra when you thought it was included in the price. Also, some Newcastle Removalists charge out hourly rate jogs in quarter or half hour blocks, rather than actual time spent, which Can add significantly to the bill.
  • Technique, Equipment and Damages the art of Furniture Removal is all about technique. It stands to reason that the cheaper, less experienced guys don’t have the technique of the professionals because they’re probably not doing the job consistently day in, day out. There is no excuse for scratching, breakages and chunks missing out of your walls. The right techniques and the right equipment should equate to no damages. Standard equipment on any professional furniture Removals truck will include trolleys, dolleys, straps, ties, a comprehensive set of tools and stacks of clean, quilted furniture removal blankets.

2 Reputation

It should be your mission to find an experienced Newcastle removalist with a credible reputation who is a member of a recognised industry body. This will then give you the confidence that not only will they do the job properly but their services will be monitored by an impartial third party; so always choose an AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) member for your move. It is a common complaint that the Removalists were late, or they didn’t turn up at all! You need the confidence in your removalists that they’ll be there when they said they would. So ask friends, family and your work colleagues for their recommendations for the best removalist in Newcastle. Word of dodgy operators soon gets around; the same goes for good ones because they know that every quality move they do is another potential referral.

3 Attitude

First impressions count; you should be able to get a feel for how professional a companies after your initial contact over the phone. A professional approach to your enquiry is likely to reflect the attitudes of the office staff, management and also the guys out there that will be handling your belongings; that first phone call should indicate the ethos of care throughout the company.

4 Service

Service can apply to both the tasks performed and the attitude with which they are performed. Acrobat removals will give your the red carpet treatment every time. You will find this to be true whether you are moving a few items from Belmont, a luxury 4 bedroom penthouse overlooking the harbour at Honeysuckle or a commercial office move. Being an AFRA Accredited Member should give you peace of mind that you’ve mad e the right choice knowing that our Removalists are professionals who have been highly trained in the art of Pre-pack, Dis-assembly, Furniture Removal, Pack Truck, Unload, Reassembly and also Customer Relations. Acrobat Removals are an experienced Newcastle Removalist company with a proven reputation.

On-site at 1d George St Mayfield is our Box Shop, where you can purchase all your Packing Materials such as Packing Cartons and Tape, reams of Butchers Paper and plastics for your lounges and mattresses, as well as our Professional Storage Facility, with different sized lock-up units in our locked alarmed warehouse

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