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7 Ways to Save Money When Moving House

Planning and Preparation

The key to a smooth move is “planning and preparation”. When moving locally most removalists charge by the hour; for an hourly rate move to go well it needs to be performed like a well-oiled machine, so reducing the duration of your move will save money when moving house. Interstate moves are charged on volume so reducing the quantity to be moved will reduce the cost.

Choosing the Right Removalist for You

It is good advice for you to do your homework well in advance so that you are able to secure the right removalist for you. “The right removalist” will mean different things to different people; you may be being rather optimistic if you have expectations of obtaining a professional company for the cheapest price around. It’s easy to get an el-cheapo quote but it can easily turn into an unpleasant experience when your “professional removalists” turn up late, they’re unwashed and inexperienced and in a crappy truck with no proper equipment. El-cheapo removalists are normally the ones who damage your belongings and take paint off you internal walls; and they take longer then they should due to their lack of care and technique. The real professionals will have a purpose built truck with all the right equipment, and know from experience what to pack where and the best way to move any item in a safe and efficient manner. Acrobat Removals are such removalists.

Clutter Equals Cost

The less you have to move the less it will cost. if you haven’t used an item in the last 12 months there’s a good chance you don’t really need it; find it a new home and reduce the clutter. Some ways to trim down before your move are to have a garage sale, donate items to charity, gift items to friends or sell them on eBay. The earlier you start the better; it is a good idea to try to start at least 8 weeks before the move.

Pack Your Own Smalls

Your removal company can give you a quote to do a full pre-pack, or you can save money by doing it yourself. The golden rule when packing is “if it fits in a box, put it in a box”. This is a much smarter way to save than scrimping on packing materials, because when it comes time to pack the truck it will be much easier and quicker to load uniform removalist boxes rather than odd shapes like lamps and lampshades. Always pack the smaller, heavier items into the book/wine/crystal cartons because you’re not going to want your larger T chest cartons weighing too much. Have all your boxes ready to go in a sensible location, with their contents and the room they are destined to go to written on the top.

Visit the Box Shop

It may be tempting to use less boxes or boxes from the local shopping centre but scrimping this way is false economy. Quality packing materials are necessary to ensure the safe transit of your goods, however they are not cheap. A couple of ways to save on them is to ask your moving company if they sell used boxes and also if they provide a buy back facility. Acrobat Removals do both and have all the packing materials you would ever require for your move.

Work Safe

It is imperative to make sure the work area is clear and accessible; the less cluttered it is for the removalists the less time it will take to load the truck and the safer it will be for everybody. Have children and pets in care so they are away from activity and not underfoot, and clear pathways and trim trees and bushes which impede access.

Heeding these tips will speed up the move which will likely save you money when moving house!

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