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Archive Storage; The Acrobat Solution

Archive Storage

These days more than ever there is a need to satisfy one’s legal obligations. It is for this reason that important documents and company records need to be safely stored. Gone are the days when a shoe box was an appropriate way to store business receipts, and the same goes for storing business records above the ceiling of the office or in the garage at home. There are numerous reasons for this, but some are:

  • Storing restricted information in unrestricted areas means sensitive information can be easily accessed by prying eyes; it can also be easily tampered with.
  • Garages and roof cavities are prone to infestation from vermin such as rodents, cockroaches and silverfish; and paper filled boxes are these pests favorite food, and is also disgustingly their favourite place to go to the toilet.
  • It’s not very WHS compliant when your employees need to scale a ladder to retrieve heavy archive boxes.
  • On-site self-storage units are certainly an option; however besides the fact that they are often an inefficient use of space your records will often be located down long corridors and by climbing multiple stairs. When this is the case they take longer to reach and can create WHS issues for your office staff regarding manual handling. Besides that, it can sometimes be quicker and easier to bring the archives to the office, than taking the office to the archives.
  • Although shipping containers may be considered an option, they are quickly dismissed when one considers the fact they are too big, and there is always the risk of moisture, vermin and tampering when they are stored outside.

The Acrobat Solution

Recently Acrobat Removals realised that this was an actual problem, so they set about finding an option that ticked all the boxes; ticking all the boxes meant that the storage couldn’t be too big or too small, it had to be accessible on-site for ease of retrieval, it had to be vermin proof and it was also preferable if it was able to be stored out of the weather. Upon further research the obvious solution was Module Storage. Because we realise they are the way of the future, we have invested heavily in them.

Modules are made of industrial strength plywood, and their design allows for the circulation of air around the unit; being fully sealed prevents the entry of vermin. Besides that, with a capacity of 10 cubic metres they are just the right size for the job. The empty Modules are forked onto a truck and are brought to the customer where our 2 man crew helps load them with the archives. The modules are then returned to the depot to be forked off and stacked in our locked and alarmed warehouse. It only takes a phone call to arrange access to your archive storage module, upon which they can either be brought back to you, or alternatively we will place your Module on the warehouse floor next to your car for you or your staff to do your thing, then once you;re finished, we simply close it up and re-stack it.

Whether you need short or long term archive storage, Acrobat Removals Newcastle can satisfy all your archive needs.

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