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Back load vs part load removals

Part load removals are the perfect solution for long-distance moves, allowing you to be more cost and time efficient.

Knowing the difference between a part load and a back load can help you make a more informed choice for your next move.

Our goal is to find a solution that fits your budget, moving schedule, and gives you peace of mind.

How do part load removals differ from a back load? 

A back load and part load are similar in that they both “share the load".

For example, a removalist truck returning from Newcastle to go to their Melbourne HQ, may fill unused space with other belongings to make the most of a trip.

Our part loads differ in that we provide:

  • Regular part load trips to destinations across Australia – predominantly Southeast QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA.
  • Reliability – our team are guaranteed to show up at your door, on time, to assist with your move.
  • A network of trusted local removalists to handle your precious belongings.
  • AFRA accreditation, ensuring the highest standards of care and safety.
  • A competitive rate on your trip based on the number of items being moved.
  • Transit Insurance options, so you can ensure your are goods protected during a relocation.

For standard back load removals, there tends to be little flexibility in booking time. Unlike part load removals, you are required to work to that company’s schedule. If the truck is passing through your area, you are expected to be ready.

Due to the fly through nature of back loads, customers pay a highly discounted rate in comparison to a comprehensive part load service.

A back load has long been considered a good value option for those with a tight moving budget. But, as enticing as these cost-savings may be, it is also important to recognise the risks, so you can make an informed and conscious choice for your move.

It’s not all “party in the back”

Companies offering a back load service don’t visit the destination often. This can cause issues and inconveniences in terms of reliability and forward planning.

Some of these companies are also limited in terms of travel interstate, due to things such as border restrictions and required permits. This means that if the first leg of the journey is cancelled at the last minute, your return leg will be too.

Unlike these companies, Acrobat Removals has a trusted network of providers that obtain these permits and have them reviewed regularly. We can provide reliability and assurance when it comes to getting your belongings from A to B timely and efficiently.

When you are booking a back load or part load, you must understand your goods will be travelling with others.

Issues can arise here when removalists fail to properly mark and label items. Due to the time pressures and staffing constraints of these back load removalists, the level of care can be reduced. Often, we’ve seen complaints for other companies of people’s belongings getting dropped off at the wrong location.

Nobody needs the added stress of lost property on top of an interstate move. Luckily, we offer the perfect solution for these longer trips.

The perks of part load removals

Opting for part load removals is recommended as a safe and reliable way to move, both throughout NSW and interstate including QLD, ACT, VIC, and SA.

Our part load services involve a network of providers in collaboration with Safe and Clever’s Line Haul service. This allows us to help pack up homes and offices in the Newcastle area, while sharing a weekly scheduled truck to travel various routes across Australia.

We also have a partner depot in Coffs Harbour on the NSW Mid-North Coast.

With this network, we can connect to our Gold Coast, Sydney, Southern Highlands, Melbourne, and Adelaide depots.

Our world class storage modules are then forklifted off the local truck onto the linehaul truck, so your belongings won’t get mixed with anyone else’s. Everything is safe and secure. Then at the delivery depot modules are forklifted off the linehaul truck onto local trucks for delivery. At each step of the process, we are using our modules to protect your belongings get from one location to the next.

Part load offers the benefit of being completed by the locals who know the area and put quality assurance first.

We help organise, pack, and load your belongings locally and work with Safe and Clever to get your belongings to their new home across state.

So, you’ll have full peace of mind knowing that your items are handled with more care and experienced removalists who know what they are doing.

Plus, if you’re on a tight schedule – we also offer priority moving services. Instead of booking a seat on a plane, this is booking a charter flight. The costs are a little higher, but it’s a great alternative when you have concrete dates and aren’t able to benefit from the flexibility of a part load option.

Need help to make your belongings go the distance? Talk to our team today and we will fit you into our next part load schedule.

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