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Moving Office Checklist

Moving Office Checklist

2 Months Before

  • Set new furniture layout for private offices
  • Set new furniture layout for common areas
  • Confirm delivery dates for new furniture
  • Tender for removalists
  • Select representatives from departments to coordinate move

6 Weeks Before

  • Assign roles and responsibilities to team members
  • Choose winning tender for removal
  • Check insurance requirements for move and obtain
  • Confirm incoming phone extension phone numbers
  • Fix Seating assignments
  • Assign extensions and direct dials
  • Notify your insurer of relocation
  • Issue insurance certificate to new landlord
  • Organize new services i.e. Cleaning, rubbish removal.

1 Month Before

  • Provide building information to employees
  • Notify vendors re, photocopiers, coffee machines, water service, postage, plants
  • Change address with newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Notify vendors with standing orders & pickups.
  • Change postal address/redirection
  • Order change of address cards
  • Generate list for change of address cards
  • Confirm date for removal with removal company
  • Confirm reservation for loading dock and elevators
  • Assign move codes
  • Set location for printers/fax machines

3 Weeks Before

  • Provide move instructions to employees
  • Provide Recycling bins and rubbish bins for office/file clean out.
  • Identify location for packing Materials
  • Update Address on Website

1 Week Before

  • Deliver boxes and labels
  • Distribute access cards/IDs
  • Prepare emergency contact list
  • Phone training for employees

2 Days Before

  1. Deliver additional boxes and labels
  2. Label origin and destination for moves
  3. Confirm all vendors and times

Move Day/Settle In

  • Place orientation packages at destination
  • Remove excess furniture and packing materials

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